Learn briefly the principles of reading Google content. When you visit the website, the Google bug will read the content as HTML code, it will browse from top to bottom, from left to right. If the browser encounters script or style tags, it will not index until it encounters the closing tag.

1.The role of Heading tags in on-page SEO

Heading tags (h1 -> h6) are very important because search engines rely on the content within these tags to determine the main content of the page, the distribution of the order of the tags also greatly affects the results. SEO. So when you need to pay attention to the following issues when working with Heading tags.

  • The ranks of the tags follow the rules from h1 to h6, just like when you do in word you will mark the top level as h1, the next highest level is h2, and so on until h6. That means you should not let the h2 tag appear before the h1 tag, the h3 tag appears before the h2 tag (unless the h3 tags are children of the previous h2 tag). In fact, this is not mentioned by anyone, but I still mention it because I think it is very clear in dividing the data, so it may help somewhat.
  • In a single page that exists only one h1 tag, this is required since google doesn’t want your site to contain too much content without focusing on one main topic. For h2, h3 cards you can have more than 1 card.
  • The closer the h1 tag is, the better I think if you put the h1 tag at the top of the page the better.
  • The H1 tag content contains a main keyword, if not always the sub-keyword, the better. For example, I have the title “learn the pagination algorithm in php”, with this title I focus on the main keyword ” pagination algorithm, and the sub-keyword is “pagination algorithm in php”.
  • There should be at least two H2 tags in a web page.
  • The content of the H2 tag should also contain the main keyword, which is a bit funny, but in my opinion it is very good, of course the content will not coincide with the h1 tag, but should also try to contain a main keyword. As in the above example, I have the main keyword “pagination algorithm”, then I will put h2 tags with the content “What is the paging algorithm?” “Simple paging algorithm”.

2.How do meta tags play in onpage SEO?

Meta tags also have a great influence on search results. For the coder, you only care about which tags you need, which tags can be managed, …

How SEOer needs to add the descriptive content in the tag. In this section you must refer to the recommended meta tags for Onpage SEO. Please visit the article “essential meta tags with seo.”

3. Additional notes in on-page SEO

3.1 Title:

Titlte tag is the title of a website, or in other words, the title is the portal that google will index first, so you should pay attention not to miss this tag when designing the web. And the content of this tag should contain a main keyword, if it contains the secondary keyword, the better.

3.2 Many words:

If you design a layout that is only full shape and very few words, then it will be very difficult to SEO, because search bugs mainly read the content (text) to index and archive. Usually sites like news and blogs are easy to SEO.

3.3Optimizing website speed:

If you code a website that runs fast, it will be more appreciated than a slow website. This is also an onpage seo trick that only coder can help

3.4 Website security:

If Google finds that your website is highly secure, it will also score

3.5 Flash, Iframe:

Do not use flash or iframes to embed in website, as google it does not like those things. If you are reluctant to use it, you can use javascript (DHTML) to include it after the page has finished loading, so Google will not know if the website is using it.

3.6 Compress file css, js, html:

If possible, you should compress all css, js files (remove spaces and newline characters) to help reduce the file size to help load faster. If it is ok, then compress the HTML tag content as well.

3.7 Do not code internal or inline javascript, css.

that is to put CSS and Javascript content into a separate file (external) in order not to prevent bugs from reading

3.8 Eye-catching layout , evenly divided:

If you design a layout with eye-catching layout and creative position, it will help your website increase your visitors a lot.